Who was the most & least to blame?

I believe that the least responsable for all this is in a way Juliet because well she didn’t mean to cause all of these problems. The most responseable for this I think is Friar John becasue he was the one that didn’t deliever the message. Friar John also had faked the death. He faked the death which made believe Romeo that Juliet was dead.

The most respones was Frair John because he had decided to one marry them secertly and then just decided to fake the death, which that was really wrong. Then also, he was the one accused as the one that had married them way to early knowing that he shouldnt of even set them up, and then he was also the one who set up Juliet’s fake death, and set up her run away & yeah. But, it was wrong how also he didnt want to deliever the message to Romeo and suppose was the good friend from Romeo which was Frair Laurence.

Then the least respondable of this was Juliet becasue well she didnt mean to cause all of this drama between other’s and herself becasue with all the things going on all of this came back to her. When the things came back to her well it wasnt a good thing because then she was the one that. But, at the same time Juliet was kind of gulity now thinking back because she didn’t want to marry Paris so the only way to get out of was on facking her death.

All in all, Frair John I truly believe was the most reaspondable of all this becasue he was the one that didn’t deliever that special message which he had suppose to deliever to Romeo. Juliet was also, gulity in a way thinking back at it because she had agreeed to fake her deathe becasue tat was the only way n getting out from marrying Paris.

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My Dream :)

This all started off as a simple little dream that my friends and I were just hanging out and crusing around the I was with were Laura,Johanna, Nalley and myself.. But, then we had to put gas into the car because it was about to got on the empty red line. So we decide to stop at Circle K and put gas in the car so mean while Nalley was going into Circle K to tell the coustmer service how much she was going to put into the car. Laura,Johanna and I were just outside hang listening to music, when out of no where a guy comes out bumping his music and points to Laura and I just look over he was just strongly giving us a Strong Glare and then he points. But, once he pointed Nalley had just got done putting gas into the car so that Stranger was starting his car & was coming towards us. We were All scared but, before he started his car I had heard him say, “Get those three girls that had stayed outside.” which was Laura,Johanna and I. So I got myself into the drivers seat and started the car and was about to leave when right behind us was that guy that was staring at us while Nalley was putting gas into the car. So I started going faster and faster and then when next thing you know we crashed and we were all injured but, that didn’t stop us from getting away from that Stranger and then the cops had arrived and all three of use we taken into jail. Then once we had got into the rooms we were seriously beaten. The End. I was scared that I was going to die so I just woke up.

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